dilluns, 9 de novembre de 2015

Chapter 6: Remember Remember ...

... The 5th of november, eventhough I missed it. As the 4th of July in the United States, this national day celebrated with fireworks, I spent in the theater. Not that I regreted it, I was working so...
Yes you heard---ehem... read it right! I found a job. After nearly a month of sending dozens of CVs everywhere, spend thousands of breakfast looking at ads online, and many nights stressing because days passed and I still did not hear any answers... Finally one day I got an answer: they had found someone better, but they were keeping my CV for later.
I was so desperate that I started to send CVs to super markets, from whom I got the second response, also a rejection. So when I received the 3rd answer I hesitate to open it. It was between classes, nervous about what it would say. I decided to open the message and they were asking for an interview the next day in the afternoon. I said I could make it forgetting I had an orientation wood workshop for the university. Do not worry I changed it to another day.
I am not sure if you really want to know what we have done this week of classes and sessions. It has not been anything exceptional except two sessions in a row about playing. It is interesting to think how we play, what attitudes we have when we do and pay attention to children and the way they do it. The idea is that with this research we can find ways to better communicate with our audience and get better report.
Friday I did a training for Reps. There was nothing new except a contact list about where to send the colleagues when they have specific problems. Apart from what is important to me is theater. Being able to work back with the boards for light and sound. The company is very small, and so is the room but the staging for Titus Andronicus has good special effects and pretty good sound design. I cannot speak in terms of lighting because I could not lift my head from the script. It is the first time that I have to stage manage myself. Basically I must take care that the actors and do the calls before we start, then being in the booth giving Qs. Since I'm operator I give myself the Qs. An SM does many things but I do not need to explain much further here. This work will finish next Saturday. There are performances every night from Tuesday to Saturday and one another one on the afternoon on Saturday.

Once this is over two separate companies have contacted me for two different projects for the following weeks. So it looks like I will be quite busy until I have to prepare the presentation at the end of the semester. Then I will get the first visit before going to Barcelona for Christmas.

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